hey! my school is currently in a competition to have our prom at bamboozle, where the guest of honor would be travie mccoy and the new boyz would perform! needless to say, this would be pretty sweet, but we're currently running a bit behind and it would be really awesome if you and your followers could help us out!

just go here: http://923now.radio.com/2010/03/21/last-school-standing-paramus-catholic-high-school-wants-to-go-to-92-3-nows-bamboozle-prom/
and (if you have a twitter) tweet the page (hey, tweet it a bunch of times if you're feeling generous =D)
and (if you have a facebook) 'like' the page (and don't worry, it doesn't post anything on your news feed, trust me!)

anyway, thank you so much in advance!

(and if you don't allow this kind of thing, then i'm sorry, feel free to delete this >.>)

So everyone can see. c: